Admission & Academic Policies

In accordance with the academic standards it has committed itself to strive for; the JMM reserves the right to select students for admission. In general, student to be admitted are those with desirable qualities of character, intellect and personality, if admitted. They are placed on probation for one semester for college and one year for elementary and high school.

It is understood that it is the student’s obligation to inform parents/guardians of academic standing and the consequences of excessive absences. The JMM therefore shall not be held responsible by the parents/ guardians should the student fail to do so. Any notice sent by the JMM is merely a gesture of courtesy.

A. Requirements for Admission.

For Kindergarten
1. can speak fluently
2. at least 5½ years old in the month of June of school year
3. submit the following:

  • Birth certificate original (to be returned) and photocopy
  • 2 pcs 2×2 ID picture (colored)
  • 2 pcs 1×1 ID picture (colored)
  • 1 long brown envelop

For old students/pupils
1. Report Card

For Returnees
1. Report Card (Grade II and above)
2. GMRC certificate

For Transferee’s
1. Report Card
2. Passed Entrance Exam
3. Submit the following:

  • Birth certificate; original (to be returned) and photocopy
  • 2 pcs 2×2 ID picture (colored)
  • 2 pcs 1×1 ID picture (colored)
  • GMRC Certificate (Grade II and above)
  • 1 long brown envelop

For College
1. For new High School Graduates:

  • Credentials: High school Card an its equivalent:
  • Must be stamped “graduated and eligible for admission to college.”
  • Must be signed by the principal
  • Should not have any alteration or erasures
  • Letter of Recommendation (character reference) from the High School Principal or Guidance Counselor.
  • Colored ID photo (4 copies 2×2 in size)

2. For Married Student:

  • photocopy of marriage contract
  • photocopy of birth certificate

3. For Transfer Student

  • Credentials: Transfer credential (honorable dismissal) and two copies of grades for evaluation purposes:
  • Letter of recommendation (character reference) from the Dean in Guidance Counselor of the last school attendance.
  • Colored ID photo (4 copies 2 x 2 in size)

4. For Foreign Students:

  • Same requirement as new high school graduates transfer student and two (2) photo copies of student Visa/Permit
  • Must see the JMM Registrar before enrollment
  • Must submit study permit upon enrollment to be secured from the DECS Foreign School and foreign student division)
  • Grade placement for those who studied abroad (From DECS)
  • Proficiency in English Certification from two (2) former professors in English
  • Character references: Certification from two (2) former professors attesting to the student’s good moral character, emotional and psychological maturity.
  • Photo copy of achieves certificate of residence (SCR) unified by DECS

5. For Cross Enrollees:

  • Permit to cross enroll
  • 1D colored photo (2 copies 2×2 in size)
  • Letter of recommendation (character reference) from the Dean or Registrar or Guidance Counselor.

Pupil student who transferred to other schools and after the lapse of the enrollment period would want to return back to the school may be re-admitted, provided that their registration is made not later than one week after the first quarter examination.

Students/pupils who would like to stop schooling shall accomplish a “Dropping and clearance Form” from to Registrar’s Office. They must pay all their previous accounts, including the current month at the time of dropping unless their requirement is not. They are still considered unofficially dropped; thus, they are required to pay monthly school bills for the entire school year before releasing their credentials and other records.
Request for credentials and other documents shall be acted only upon payment of the required fees and such credentials/documents would be released five (5) working days thereafter.

Return of Registration /Tuition fee
Enrollment withdrawn on, or before the start of the regular classes is entitled to refund 50% of the registration fee and 100% of the tuition fee. After this date, therefore the right to refund is forfeited.

Late Registration
Pupils/students enrolling after the deadline of enrolment, or after one week from the start of classes, are considered as late enrollees, and as much, they are charged an additional amount of 10% registration fee.

Retention Rules

For Elementary:
Elementary pupils shall be considered retained if:
1. he/she failed in three (3) subjects during the academic year, especially in Mathematics, Science, and English and the like.
2. he/she failed in two (2) tool subjects and two (2) non-tool subjects, and
3. he/she finally expelled because of gross misconduct.

A pupil, who is not retained in his/her grade level by any of the retention rules as stated above, is considered promoted to the next higher-grade level.

For secondary level.
1. A high school student and shall automatically be retained in his/her grade level if he/she failed in three (3) subjects.
2. However, for those students who failed in two (2) subjects taken at same time shall be given a chance to take removal exams; and if they failed, he/she is considered retained.
3. Those who failed in a total of two (2) subjects, one subject each school year for two years, within consecutive or alternate, shall also be retained.

A student is considered promoted to the next higher level if he/she
1. Passed in all his/her subject; or
2. Failed in one (1) subject only, despite the removal exam given, but, he/she in required to take the subject in the following summer class during which the student hand thus obliged to pay all the incurred to pay all financial obligations. If the students fail, the subject will be considered a back subject.
However, in relation to the above-mentioned promotion rules for secondary level, candidates for high school graduation shall not be allowed to march during the graduation unless they have settled before hand, that is, fifteen (15) days before the schedule of graduation all their academic deficiencies, if any (e.g. back subject).

Special Examination
A student who, for valid reason, failed to take a regular examination may be allowed to take a special examination, provided that his/her application is recommended by the Department Head and approval by the School Registrar.
Special examination may be taken also by pupils/students who denied taking the examination due to non-payment of their account provided that such accounts are settled with the finance office.
Special examination shall be conducted one week after the last day of regular examinations.