Academic Programs

The Jamiatu Muslim Mindanao is a government-recognized institution with the vision to build a community of better citizens for stable Republic through quality education. In realizing our vision, educational thrusts and programs are offered both English and Arabic.

Programs Offered:

A. Arabic Department

  • Koliyatu Da’wah
  • Koliyatu Shariah
  • Koliyatu Tarbiyah
  • Thanawie
  • I’dade
  • Ibtida-i

B. English Department

  • Master of Arts in Education
    Major in Educational Management
  • Master in Public Administration
    Major in Organization and Management, Fiscal Administration and Personnel Management
  • Bachelor of Elementary Education
    (Ladderized Curriculum with TVET Qualifications: PC Operation NCII)
  • Bachelor of Secondary Education
    Major in English, Math, and Filipino
  • Bachelor of Arts
    Major in Political Science and Shariah
  • Bachelor of Science in Commerce
    Major in Management
  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
    (Ladderized Curriculum with TVET Qualifications: PC Operation NCII,
    Computer Hardware Servicing NC II, and Computer Programming)
  • Two-year Computer Programming
  • Two-year Certificate of Proficiency in English Language
    (This course intended for the Ustadj, Ustadja and Ulama)
  • Two-year Certificate of Proficiency in Arabic Language
  • One-Year PC Operation NCII
  • One-Year PC Hardware Servicing NCII
  • Complete Secondary Level
  • Complete Elementary Grade
  • Kindergarten