Philosophy, Vision and Mission

In line with its vision to provide quality education, the Jamiatu Muslim Mindanao is guided by the wisdom that Islamic education emphasizing spiritual, moral, physical, intellectual social and technical development is a panacea for ignorance, poverty, illiteracy, infidelity, and other ills and problems of the society.

Through academic excellence in teaching and learning, the JMM  envisions to build a community of good citizens who practice the  Islamic values of peace, love and balanced spiritual, moral and nation  al development.

As a government-recognized Islamic institution of higher learning, the Jamiatu Muslim Mindanao has the ultimate mission to develop peace loving men and women by inculcating the virtues of spirituality, morality, serviceability, honesty and integrity as prerequisites for peace and development in the entire region particularly in Mindanao. Specifically, the JMM aims to achieve the following objectives:

  • To offer complete Madrasah (Arabic School) and Western Education.
  • To serve as a government-recognized Islamic Sectarian institution of learning that inculcates mental and physical disciplines befitting  a Muslim through the observance of Islamic ethics and morality.
  • To produce graduates who are qualified and globally competitive professional, leaders and productive members of the society.
  • To provide educational assistance to the poor but deserving  students and the community through partnerships with governmental agencies, non-governmental organization, businesses and other academic institutions, grants and foundation projects.
  • To continue to assist in the government efforts to eradicate illiteracy among Muslim Filipinos by providing a well-organized and systematic literacy classes in Arabic and English for adults and out-of-school youths.
  • To serve as an Arabic Language Learning Center in the region by providing facilities, expertise, degree and non-degree programs in Arabic Language teaching.
  • To serve as depository of Muslim written literature, arts, scientific journals, and Muslim sacred texts and objects and as a means of transmitting knowledge and disseminating Islamic information to Muslims in the region.
  • To provide facilities and expertise for researchers in Islamic heritage, Muslim Filipino culture and history.
  • To provide community extension service for the advancement and economic upliftment of Muslim Filipinos.