Major Accomplishments

In its continuous efforts to attain its vision and mission, the Jamiatu Muslim Mindanao has accomplished the following:

1. Physical and Infrastructure Development

  • The sixty percent (60%) of completion of the main building.
  • The completion of the two-storey building funded by Islamic Development Bank, Jeddah, KSA
  • The Community Mosque
  • The Computer Laboratory
  • The Main Library
  • The five-storey Commercial Building in Quiapo, Manila

2. Instructional Facilities

  • Science Laboratory equipment donated by the Islamic Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization through its President Mohammad Ali Diao.
  • Thousands of Books donated by Muslim Philanthropist, Asia Foundation and among others.
  • Twenty (20) units of personal computer with Internet connection acquired through Computer Literacy and Internet Connection (CLIC) and Matching Grant Program (MGP) under the Growth with Equity in Mindanao 2 (GEM 2) Program of the United States Agency for International Development.
  • Thirty (30) units of personal computer with complete accessories donated by Australian Agency for International Development (AusAID) through Philippines-Australian Community Assistance Program (PACAP).

3. Human Resource Development

In attaining its vision to produce peace-loving and development-oriented men and women, the JMM has graduated thousands of serviceable public servants. The most popular and prominent ones who have made a good name in public service are:

  • Dr. Mahid Miraato Mutilan – a former City Mayor of the Islamic City of Marawi, graduated Governor of Lanao del Sur and the incumbent Regional Vice Governor of the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao, former DepEd Secretary of the ARMM and Chairman of the Ulama Council of the Philippines and OMPIA Party.
  • Aleem Amerodden Sarangani – the Chairman of the UMMAH Party and famous religious leader and at present the President of the Markazzoz Shabab Al Muslim Fil Pilibin and a member of the Islamic World Committee in Kuwait and Muslim World League.
  • Late Mohammad Saleh Usman, the founding President of the Organization and Institute of Islamic Endowment and its branches.
  • Aleem Mohammad Faisal Abdullah – the famous and well-known leader of the Da’wah Tableegh in the Philippines.
  • Aleem Edris Peti-ilan – former Undersecretary for Madaris, DepEd-ARMM.
  • Several licensed public servants who are now serving the schools throughout the Autonomous Region and Abroad
  • Several eligible civil servants who are now serving in the various departments or agencies of the government.

In addition, since 1957 to 1988 the Jamiatu Muslim Mindanao had sent 288 students to different Universities in Arab Countries for further studies, broken down as follows:

Table 1.
Students Sent for Further Studies in Arab Countries

Saudi Arabia 139
State of Kuwait 36
United Arab Emirates 26
Cairo, Egypt 83
State of Qatar 21
Libya 2
Tunisia 3
Jordan 2
Sudan 2

Majority of these graduates have been employed in the Arab countries as Managers, translators and missionaries. In short, the JMM has contributed to the efforts of the government in maximizing employment here and abroad.

In furtherance of its objectives to produce men and women are proficient both in English and Arabic. The Jamiatu Muslim Mindanao offers a course in Certificate of Proficiency in English Language (COPEL). This program designed to provide the Ustadj and Ustadja with a basic knowledge of the English Language as a medium of communication in government, business and in our educational system.

This also helps the Ustadj who are presently teaching Arabic and Islamic Studies in various Madaris and public schools in the province of Lanao del Sur and in the City of Marawi, and to further elaborate the importance of peace and development in our country, Mindanao in particular.

All of these are clear manifestations that the Jamiatu Muslim Mindanao has played its vital role in the development of the Muslim communities in the Philippines. These are also tangible evidence that this institution is achieving its goals and objectives.

4. Curriculum Development

The Jamiatu Muslim Mindanao has completely offered government-recognized courses in the Elementary Grade, High School, and Collegiate courses, the school is also permitted by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED), ARMM to offer Graduate courses in Educational Management and Public Administration.

5. Peace and Community Development

The JMM has been a venue of different symposia and peace conferences and assemblies. The most recent one is the Peace Assembly of the Mindanao leaders which was keynoted by Her Excellency President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. So far, the JMM is the first private school in the Marawi which was visited by Madame President Arroyo and some of her Cabinet members because of its notable contribution to peace and development in Mindanao.